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Positively Better

We believe that whenever you access any health service, your care experience should be as positive as is humanly possible.
To achieve this, we’re building the UK’s most respected provider of health services; providing a stunning service to our patients, their GPs and health commissioners alike. Positive attitudes are healthy.

About Communitas Clinics

Communitas Clinics is an NHS provider of specialist community services. These services provide care to NHS patients referred by their GP’s suffering from Ear Nose and Throat and Dermatology conditions. The services are provided throughout the Southeast of England and are available to over 3.81 million people in the boroughs we serve.

As a proud member of the NHS family, we believe passionately in delivering the best possible care to patients, free at the point of delivery. By applying commercial rigor to the NHS contracts we deliver, we’re striving to become the UK’s most respected provider of community services, providing patients with outstanding care and a stunningly positive customer service.

Working closely with commissioners, local trusts and the GPs we serve, we provide intermediate services in community settings. In addition to these traditional services, we have recently begun providing additional support, assisting a number of our commissioners with their recovery plans following the NHS’s extraordinary response to the COVID pandemic. Focusing on solutions, collaboration and innovative approaches we extend our stunningly positive customer service to not only patients but the wider health economy.


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Recent News

A demonstration of our Covid-secure screen

Recently an 18-year-old student at Dulwich College used rough drawings by a specialist consultant as the starting point for a screen allowing nasendoscopy examinations to take place safely for the first time since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. This short video shows the finished product.